Go Hard or Go Home

Personal Training

We offer personal training for someone who prefers a one-on-one coaching relationship as their primary form of training. There is no limit to the type of desired workout. Anyone from athletes and executives to stay-at-home moms are invited to pursue their personal training goals.

Group Training

Our group based training is offered during summer, fall, winter and spring to accommodate athletes of all sports. Our low coach-to-athlete ratio ensures that each athlete is closely instructed throughout the workout to get you ready for the season.

Combine Training

We offer high school and college football players the secrets of training and prepare them to achieve excellent results in football conditioning tests seen at the highest level of competition.


Core Principles

For all our training programs, we follow 3 main principles when developing our athletes. Each principle helps develop, maintain and push individuals to a higher standard regardless of their fitness goals and creates a more holistic and better version of you.


Speed Training

We emphasize the importance of explosive movement. With our extensive plyometric, resistance and agility training, we guarantee an improvement in speed and quickness for all our athletes.


Resistance Training

Resistance training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being while strengthening and toning muscle. We utilize kettle bells, free weights, dumbbells, chains, bands, tractor tires and most importantly, your body weight.


Core Strength

Core strength reduces the chances of spinal injuries and lower back pain while helping to improve athletic performance. The result is better balance and coordination while giving you more defined buttocks and abs. We utilize medicine balls, stability balls, suspension trainers, ropes and sandbags.


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