Shields Fitness

Shields Fitness is an innovative training facility, founded by Joe and Emma Shields in 2000. We are dedicated to all ages, athletes and fitness levels and offer group or individual training sessions, 7 days a week throughout the year.


Athlete Performance

Athletic performance includes not only the assessment of a particular result, but also the concept of recovery. How quickly an athlete can return to the regular training or routine is an important performance factor, as recovery will dictate how the athlete is able to prepare for the next event. Nutrition places a vital role in the improvement of every aspect of performance.

Reducing Injuries

Having a regular schedule with one of our training options is one way we look to reduce and eliminate potential injury. With each session, dedicated time is focused towards stretching and preparing yourself for your workout so that you are prepared to accomplish your goals.

Self Confidence

Our expert staff has coached thousands of athletes and we continuously develop and utilize the most effective and cutting edge performance enhancement techniques in the sports fitness industry. Each session is focused on the needs of the individual or group. Sessions are centered around what you intend to accomplish with the intention of aiding you to get to your goal.


See Us in Action

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Fitness Programs

We offer a wide range of fitness programs including, not not limited to: Personal Training, Group Training, Speed Training, Resistance Training and Core Strength Training.

Speed Training

We emphasize the importance of explosive movement. One can never be too quick. The first 3 steps will make you or break you. With our extensive plyo-metric, resistance, and agility training, we guarantee an improvement in speed and quickness for all our athletes.

Resistance Training

Resistance training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being while strengthening and toning muscle. Resistance Training utilizes kettle bells, free weights, dumbbells, chains, bands, tractor tires and most importantly, your own body weight.

Core Strength

Core Strength is an important part of fitness. It reduces the chances of spinal injuries and lower back pain and improves performance. The result is better balance and coordination while giving you more defined abs and bottom. Core Strength Training utilizes medicine balls, stability balls, suspension trainers, ropes and sandbags.